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Metro Manila Office : Unit 212 P&S Bldg., Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 7 916 3920 : Sun 09239214557 : Globe 09563728635

Cavite Office : Unit 302 Berong Bldg, Nueno Avenue, Imus, Cavite
Phone: (046) 515 6279 : Sun 09331363772 : Globe 09759856396

Laguna Office : C26 Banawe de Sta. Rosa Bldg, Balibago Rd, Sta. Rosa, Laguna; Sun 09983591428 : Globe 09454701195
Bulacan Office : 2K Lucky Place Bldg, M Villarica Rd, Marilao, Bulacan; Phone: (044) 305 8642 : Sun 09187503170 : Globe 09150925613

About Us


A leading and preferred contractor of choice who builds at fair cost, best quality and top-notch customer service. Known for its integrity and fairness and sought after for its reliable execution, cost effectiveness and world class technical sophistication.


Our primary goal is to continue being the best at what we do, and the most respected for what we have accomplished. We are committed to provide safe, quality and efficient services, to ensure customer satisfaction, to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners in the business, to care for the environment we work in, to promote the growth of our people. We shall do so while acting in accordance with the highest standards of integrity that have always lent moral strength to the policies and principles of Top-Notch Construction.


Top-Notch Construction started as a small renovation company back in year 2009. It then witness an impressive growth through the years that follows. Rapidly transforming into a full pledge contractor of residential and commercial buildings and then continuously expanding the scale of its business at an impressive rate.

Engr. Ruben Quintal Jr., coming from humble beginnings, realize early in his career the value of comprehensive planning and scheduling in the success of every construction project and it is in this principle where he build the foundation of the business. Top-Notch Construction throughout the years derived its strength from its commitment to diligently and carefully plan the works and then vigorously working the plans.

Top-Notch Construction’s continued success is also due to its employees’ dedication to excellent work and their passion for serving customers. The desire to continuously improve the process and the outcome, to be the best at what we do and be the most respected for what we have accomplished.


LINE OF BUSINESS: Home / House Design and House Construction Building Design and Building Construction


Metro Manila Office : Unit 212 P&S Bldg.,717 Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City, Metro Manila

CONTACT NUMBERS: Phone: (02) 7 916 3920 Sun: 09239214557 Globe: 09563728635


Cavite Office : Unit 302 Berong Bldg, Nueno Avenue, Imus, Cavite, Philippines

CONTACT NUMBERS: Phone: (046) 5156279 / 4351445 Sun: 09331363772 Globe: 09759856396


Laguna Office :Unit C26, 3rd Floor, Phase 2 Km.40 SR0, Reyes St., Brgy. Balibago, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

CONTACT NUMBERS: Globe: 09064534676


Bulacan office: Unit 2k Lucky Place Building M. Villarica Rd. Marialo Bulacan

CONTACT NUMBER: Smart: 09187503170 Globe: 09150925613



Competitive Cost

Despite our solid experience and high quality service, we still proud ourselves as the cheapest contractor around. We guarantee that, compared to all other established contractors in our area, we are the one offering the most competitive price. This is due to the following.

  • Our organization is designed to handle multiple projects at the same time which trim down our overhead cost for each project. This also allows us to work on a lower profit margin for each project.
  • We have our own supply store which gives us access to lower costs of materials.
  • We create complete plans and programs before commencing the works, this reduced the number of possible errors and costly mistakes.
  • We use detailed estimates for our proposals to ensure more accurate and lower cost.
  • We adopt the most extensive value engineering strategies we learned form previous projects.
  • We were able to reuse our temporary forms and facilities to a number of projects which diminished their equivalent cost for each projects.

Code Compliant Structural Design We never compromise the strength and stability of our structure. We design our structure in strict compliance with the national building and structural code of the Philippines. There are no reduced dimensions, no shortcuts, no undersized and substandard materials.

Solid Experience We were in business for more than ten years and we have a lot of completed and ongoing projects to show you around. We learned most of the pitfalls of construction and develop methods on how to mitigate them.

Established Teams We don't work alone. We are comprised of a number of individuals and professionals subdivided into different departments working together under a set of systems and guidelines to ensure the success of the project. We are able to react faster and more effectively to any variations and issues encountered on our projects. This also allows us to communicate with our client constantly even if our project is moving at top speed. We are composed of no less than 40 individuals and professionals working collectively for the ensure success of each and every projects. Below is our organizational chart and the strength of each department.

Dedicated Hardware Store and Logistics System We have our own construction supply store and delivery vehicles. This ensures our access to high quality materials at lower cost as well as its timely delivery to the project site.

Quality Works Top-Notch means First-Class Quality. Our solid experience and established teams allow us to deliver projects at an exceptional level of quality. Our long presence in the industry provides us with experienced workers while our established teams provide necessary checks to ensure compliance with standards and specifications.

We used only top-of-the-line construction materials

  • Pipes - neltex
  • Wires - phelpdogde / philflex
  • Electrical devices - panasonic
  • Lighting - Philips LED bulbs
  • Breakers - GE
  • Roof - puyat steel
  • Doors & cabinet hardwares - hafele
  • Paints - davies / boysen
  • Waterproofing - polyglass torch applied membrane

Free Estimate No charges whatsoever, just send us a copy of your drawings and well send you our detailed cost estimate within 5 days. If don't have a plan yet, just fill up our FREE ESTIMATE page and we'll send you an initial estimate of your requirements immediately.


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