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One major consideration in building a house is its size. Would you prefer it big and grand? A small and simple one? My personal preference is small and sustainable. If you also gravitate towards smart space utilization, minimalist designs, energy-efficient systems, and environmentally friendly structures, then welcome aboard! Below are important things to consider about small house designs in the Philippines:


First, though, what exactly is a small house?

A small house is one with a size of 2500 square feet or less. It is not to be confused with a tiny house that measures around 300 square feet and less. Tiny houses are usually mobile while small houses are like the traditional houses but with less occupied space.

Tips to Remember in Small House Designs:


Think big while thinking small

Going for a small house design does not mean aesthetics will be cut short as well. There are a lot of small house designs in the Philippines that strike a balance between minimal space and impressive style. Being creative and innovative should not be restricted by the limited space.

It is advised to design from the outside in. Consider the space allocated for each section of the house before planning the interior designs. The scheme for the inner rooms must follow suit with how the outer areas will be built.

The figure is an example of a small house design that can accommodate 3 bedrooms:


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Squared on Square.

It is said that small house designs should have a high floor-to-shell ratio. Using a square or cube footprint enables the largest possible proportion of space to be achieved while maintaining the smallest exterior area. Since the goal is to maximize the space, going for square-shaped sections is highly recommended.


Smart and Sustainable.

Invest in furniture and fixtures that do not take too much space and serve a dual purpose, if possible. A folding bed that turns from a sofa during daytime is a good example. Desks that are easily tucked in when not in use are also a good buy. Strategies to make the room appear spacious and comfortable like taller and vaulted ceilings, long and diagonal views targeting a window, large windows, and light paint can also be applied.


Small house designs in the Philippines are gaining traction because of the elegant appeal of a structure able to utilize a small space so well. Simplicity, as the adage says, is indeed beauty.


Check our our models here for small house design.