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Looking for architect consultation?  Here are some things you might need to know before speaking to the person.  Bungalow houses are a favorite of clients in the Philippines because of its advantage when it comes to cost of construction and labor.  One level house design usually entails lighter foundation (i.e. less materials to use), simpler electrical plans, and conducive for upgrades/expansion.  

Especially true for people in the Philippines, a bungalow house design is a top pick for couples who are starting to build a family of their own.  A bungalow house is an open-plan design and is kid-friendly!

With just a few days before we welcome the New Year, we’re here to share with you three bungalow house designs for 2023 that we stan.  Just because it's a bungalow doesn’t mean it should be similar to other built houses, right? These design ideas for 2023 may be your inspo for your dream home or your redesign project.   

Art Deco:  Bold. Colorful. Vigorous.

The year that’s about to end embraced boldness in house design and the same will continue in 2023!  Colorful curtains, striking pieces of furniture, patterned walls or floorings–you decide how much is acceptable for your 2023 home.  Art Deco will continue to be a favorite by both clients and architects because why not!  Welcome the bold, colorful and vigorous you in 2023.


If you want to build a home that is vibrant, your family will love Art Deco and its bright colors, geometric patterns, and symmetry.

Gothic: Straightforward. Elegant. Firm

Pinterest is the best friend of everyone who’s embarking on a creative project including a home construction or renovation.  But it still helps a lot to have an architect consultation to ensure that all bases are covered.  Remember, these professionals are not serving an industry for nothing.  There are things that you need for your house project that simply cannot be studied or researched online in haste.

If you are up for a dramatic and upbeat vibe in your home, Gothic design will bring so much personality through infusion of dark hues, sweeping curtains, mirrors, sculptures and chandeliers.  Adapting this house design religiously might be a little unconventional for a typical family but you are always free to lessen the dramatic appeal.

Perfect Imperfections: Subtle Statement. Unique. Inimitable.

How can something unfinished exude such a charming appeal?  Raw yet refined–that’s the house design appeal that has gained so much popularity.  Aside from homes, you might have noticed the perfect imperfection type of appeal on your last visit to a newly renovated restaurant or coffee shop.  If you want to give your visitors a breath of fresh air, this house design will surely give that unique, inimitable feel.  Make your subtle statement by telling your architect to infuse this in the design.  Plus, help yourself curate home decor that is organic, hand-made and has that inimitable appeal.

In an era of self-help and DIY mentality, never forget to seek architect consultation especially when building your dream bungalow house in the Philippines.  It helps you save yourself from unnecessary anxiety.