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Surely, embarking on a house construction or renovation project is an exciting thing for Philippines architects.  Moreso, such a project provides immense joy (and stress) for homeowners.  But excited homeowners better be careful not to commit the most common design mistakes when bringing the house design plan to life.


Scope and cost creeps

The feeling of excitement seems to overcome all possible hurdles in a project including cost and time constraints.  For those who love to DIY (do-it-yourself), you might fall into the trap of not being able to identify all activities and resources that may contribute to cost and timeline considerations.


Setting such optimism aside, the homeowner’s best course of action is to hire house renovation contractors in the Philippines. Architects collaborate with other professionals who have a good level of expertise in various aspects of the house.  In most parts of the Philippines, sadly, the services of architects are seen as taking up a good portion of the overall budget.  Is it really worth saving up on this aspect?  Ideally, you should hire at least an architect to give you a sense of direction.  Remember, these licensed professionals studied for several years.  A homeowner may have a good working knowledge of how things should work, but he/she cannot rely on a one-man team.   


Finally, one trait that Filipinos generally are guilty of is opting for the cheapest option.  Imagine cutting down on the quality of materials to be used and choosing to not hire a professional personnel at the same time.  More often than not, this may result in a disaster project.   


Entertaining many revisions 

Perhaps the feeling of having an all-knowing and preachy architect is something you want to avoid, that's why you don’t want to do things professionally.  I hate to break your bubble, but let’s be honest in saying that they can see through the materials and the circumstances of the house design plan.  

Picture this:  You saw something in a vlog that you want to adapt in an ongoing construction of your house.  Or, a relative suggested changing an already installed material because that’s how he/she knows how to do it.  The absence of an architect in building a house in the Philippines would result in a pile of unintelligent decisions whether to adapt a change while the construction is ongoing or delay such.

Indeed, it pays to do all the reading, referencing and finding inspiration early on.  Then, finalize the house design plan with an architect or architectural firm to thresh out any component that is wastage in resources.

Not finding the compatible companions

This house design project of yours is not overnight work. Sure, it will  extend for months depending on how massive the work is.  I hope that you are convinced about the importance of having a professional by your side from start to finish.  Use your gut feel to check if architect A will make a good match on your work ethics.


Are you ready to bring that plan to life?  Contemplate. Plan out.  Strategize. Synergize.