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One major event from 2022 is the spiraling cost of primary commodities, something that continues to extend in 2023. Regardless, homeowners will continue to want to improve their spaces. As such, here are carefully selected tips to consider when creating your house plans in the Philippines.

Cozy is the new luxury

For some who have owned a massive property, you can tell for sure that maintenance can be a headache. Cris, 31, owns a 932 square-meter house and lot and has no helpers to do the regular cleaning of the entire property. He lives alone and gets occasional visits from family and friends.

“At first, it was a badge of honor to own such property at 27. But I realized that it is an enormous task to maintain the cleanliness,” the businessman said, adding that he would get stressed when he wants to relax but keeps reminded about the chores to be done.

Though his case is relatively rare, it is agreeable to say that smaller spaces can be transformed into cozier and peaceful havens whether you are living alone or with companions.

She-sheds and man-caves

Lucky those who have big spaces to maximize like that of Chris’. Finding a tiny space for reading, yoga or any other hobby remains to be a consideration when making simple house design in the Philippines. It could be a spot near a window overlooking a scenic view of the garden or skyline, an unused room, or a space under a stair. Get creative in carving out a tiny space where you can get peace and quiet. And the beauty of creating one is that it does not require a big budget.


Cost conscious Ensemble

In view of the unimaginable inflation, some homeowners lack the interest to pursue their most dreamt of renovation. Well, this should not be the case. Didith, 41, believes that getting your place or even just a portion of your entire space should be given the same priority as your other expenses.

“I still follow a certain budget, but I realized that it’s about ‘conscious spending’ where I evaluate what expenses should not give me guilt, and at the same time locate the expenses that I can mercilessly cut,” the seasoned professor said in an interview.

She added that when it comes to her personal space, a mix of priced goods and thrifty items can create beautiful, guilt free ensembles. “It’s a matter of getting creative!”


Forget about being safe; it’s about being bold

Years after a pandemic, we’ve probably learned a lot about ourselves and our surroundings. One thing that we realized is that norms in home design changes especially if you live in tropical countries like the Philippines.

Philippine house design may adapt depending on the cost. And you can always be bold in your choices!

We hope that these tips can help you in the process of creating house plans in the Philippines.