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To build or to buy – that is the question.


For anyone in the Philippines who plans to have his own house, this question surely pops first into mind. The answer, in fact, is entirely dependent on who is asking. If you are actually the one who is asking, then better read on as we will tackle some of the advantages and disadvantages of both building and buying.



  • Pros
    • Time and convenience– since the house is already built, moving in is faster. If you are in a time-constrained situation, buying is the better option.
    • Established neighborhood – apart from having mature landscaping (no need to wait for years to grow trees and other plants on your lawn), built homes are usually situated in neighborhoods near essential establishments such as schools, banks, hospitals, and the likes.
    • Fixed cost – a house on sale, though with a negotiable price, already gives you a clearer working budget compared to building from scratch which may surprise you with unforeseen increases in costs in labor and materials.
  • Cons
  • Customization – there is limited room for customization as the house is already constructed. If you have very specific home designs in mind, then either you adjust or spend more time searching (that is, if you can actually find a perfect fit).
  • Repairs – If you are buying a pre-owned house, there is already existing wear and tear that you will need to allot a budget on as time goes on. A pre-owned house may cost you less at first purchase but may incur more expenses if the construction already has a lot of areas for restoration or upgrades.
  • Competition – if the house you are eyeing is particularly an eye-candy because of cost, design, and/or location, you will definitely have some competition against other buyers which may push you to stretch your allotted budget.



  • Pros
    • Customization – you have the upper hand in all aspects of the design.
    • Maintenance costs – since the house is newly built, all house areas should take long before needing any repairs.
    • Less competition – no need to outbid other people as you are building your house from scratch and according to your preferences.
    • Up-to-date and Environment-friendly materials – you have the choice to purchase more sustainable materials and keep with the latest designs and concepts.
  • Cons
  • Variable Cost – although you can work on a specific budget with your contractor or with yourself, unforeseen costs will likely come up during construction. Sudden price increases on materials, labor costs, and the likes can put you off-budget.
  • Time – since this is new construction, you cannot move in right away. The timetable can also be further stretched by unanticipated events such as typhoons, contractor issues, and other unavoidable situations.


It depends on you – that is the answer


If you need to relocate to another city in the Philippines because of work, then you may plan to buy a house instead. You are following a tight schedule and buying a house will save you time and stress. If you have a family with specific needs such as ramps for people on wheelchairs, building your own house may be the better option. You can design your house according to your needs and not be constrained with pre-built structures. Take time to consider your needs and carefully weigh your options. See available investment opportunities.


Hope this article helps you find your answer!


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