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These days, quality housing is getting more expensive and exceedingly difficult to find. Especially in larger cities where people have to make due with smaller living spaces. In an age where one has to make every square meter count, how does one maximize their space in a small lot? Hopefully this article will help the average Pinoy house planner make the best use of every space in a small lot.


Multi-Functional Living Spaces


This is probably the best way you can make the most of a small space. It is by no means a novel concept, as if you were to visit an indigenous Philippine Village, you would find that traditional houses are often just one space that serves a variety of purposes, from a dining area to sleeping quarters. So if you find yourself in possession of a small lot in the Philippines, you and your architect can take cues from this traditional concept, and make most rooms in your house dual/ multipurpose-  such as a kitchen and dining area, or a living room and family seeing quarters with a sofa that folds out into a bed


Less is More


This saying applies completely when designing or planning home renovations for properties on a small lot, investing in sleek and minimalist furniture- which most likely has exposed legs and/or the ability to fold or reduce in size, and proper use of neutral to light colors, as well as mirrors to give an illusion of depth can make a small living space appear larger than it really is.


Declutter and Make Use of Corners


Another way for Filipino Architects to make a smaller area feel more spacious is to focus on putting appliances and furniture towards the corners of a given living space, that way you won’t feel so cramped and have an ever looming feeling that you might stub your toes on furniture in the center of the room. Another way you can declutter is to utilize furniture with integrated storage.


Look Up


Since you as a Pinoy house planner don’t have much floor space to work with when working with a small property, it would be wise to factor into a home renovation cost/ design cost furniture that can take advantage of vertical space such as bunk beds, and other ways to mount appliances and storage on your walls such as wall mounted shelving.

In conclusion, even in a smaller space, the sky can still be the limit. All you have to do is be creative and think outside the box. And fortunately, Top-Notch Construction offers a free cost estimate tool to make the job of realizing your creative vision a little less overwhelming