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  • Construction Scheduling for Home Builders

    CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULING With the advent of advanced technology, mechanical operations have stepped-up on the highly sophisticated management operations with the aid of computers. Construction projects scheduling of men, machine and purchasing activities strictly adhere to PERT/CPM program focused on the critical path method. Under this system, each separate operation required to complete a project were […]

  • Construction Materials and Properties

    CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS The National Building Code of the Philippines provide that “materials for building construction must have a certain quality and physical properties to be structurally sound”. The materials must be able to carry load or weight without changing shape permanently. Deformation of the materials may occur when load is applied, but must return to […]

  • Interior Finishing and Materials

    TOP-NOTCH CONSTRUCTION INTERIOR FINISHING Interior finishing refers to the materials put on the flooring, ceiling, and wall that serve as a final touch during construction. These are materials that are seen after the house construction is completed. Interior finishing also includes lighting and plumbing fixtures as well as carpentry works such as cabinets, it might […]

  • House Repair Contractors

    TOP-NOTCH CONSTRUCTION HOUSE REPAIR Finally, Quality Construction at the Price You Can Afford! Roof, paint, plumbing, cabinets and airconditioning are the most common repairs that are done in your house.  For repair work, you need to put an extra effort to ensure that you can get the service of an experience ad very skilled worker. […]

  • House Renovation Processes

    HOUSE RENOVATION IN THE PHILIPPINES What is House Renovation? House renovation refers to altering or making changes to the existing building or structure in order to improve its appearance or to suit certain requirements of the homeowner. House renovation may includes minor improvement works such as painting or tiling works and major works such as […]

  • House Construction Philippines

    HOUSE CONSTRUCTION in the PHILIPPINES Building your dream house Building a house in the Philippines is one of the biggest dream come true for lot of people. For many, houses are being constructed only once in a lifetime and therefore, everybody likes to make their own house construction plans in a systematic manner. It is […]

  • Prefabricated Homes Philippines

    PREFABRICATED HOUSES AND BUILDINGS IN THE PHILIPPINES What is a Prefabricated House? Prefabricated house is basically a type of houses fabricated in parts in a factory and deliver and assembled on site.  The completed structure is usually better in quality, lower in cost and completed in a very little duration. What are the Types of […]

  • Roles of Civil Engineers

    CIVIL ENGINEERS IN THE PHILIPPINES What is a Civil Engineer? A civil engineer is a professional person which is trained and licensed by the law to perform the function of designing the civil aspects, specifically architectural and structural, of the building and supervising the construction or installation of those items. Civil Engineers are in-charge of […]

  • Architects in the Philippines

    ARCHITECTS The Architect An architect is the person in-charge of space planning and facade design of buildings. Architects offer or render services in connection with the design and construction of a building, or group of buildings and the space within the site surrounding the buildings, that have as their principal purpose human occupancy or use. […]

  • Different Methods of Construction

    CONSTRUCTION METHODS Why methods of Construction Companies Differ? Home builders and Contractors adopts different set of methods in building and house construction. Small construction company tends to favor the used of light and disposable tools and equipments that are low cost and easier to purchase due to capital considerations. Big and established construction company favors […]