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Steel bars are the most common widely used reinforcing material for most construction of varioys structures. Steel is considered as an excellent partner of concrete in resisting both tension and compression forces. Comparatively, steel is ten times stronger than concrete in carrying compression load and 100 times stronger in resisting tensile stresses. The design of reinforced concrete assumed that concrete and steel acts together in carrying load in the state of simultaneous deformation, otherwise, due to excessive load impose upon it steel bars might slip out from the concrete in the absence of sufficient bond. Under this principles, it is necessary that the bond between the concrete and the steel bars must be sufficiently strong to prevent any relative movement between the reinforcement and the surrounding concrete. In order to obtain stronger bod between these two materials steel bars were provided with surface deformation in various designs called corrugated of deformed bars.

Structurally, steel can be used in two ways; 1. As reinforcement, it is pre-assembled inside the form followed by pouring of fresh concrete 2. As stressed steel, heavy tension forces are applied to the steel before the casting of concrete.

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