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Modern house design in the Philippines is a popular choice because of the value it gives to space, aesthetics, and function. Even though traditional house design has its unique strengths, modern house design in the Philippines exhibits a delightful crossover between rigid structure and well-used space, hence effectively demonstrating the beauty in simplicity.

As follows are the notable characteristics of modern house design:


Style in Structure

A modern house design uses intentional asymmetry, clean lines, muted colors, and geometric shapes. This character differentiates it from traditional design which utilizes rich and dark colors along with artistic patterns. If you are into minimalistic and simple layouts, modern is the way to go.

Modern house design favors horizontal and vertical elements rather than plaids, florals, and patterns. This may seem too structured at first, but there are ways to make the design cozier and warmer like using knitted fabric and personalized items (e.g. photo albums and portraits).




Modern house design in the country can meet space limitations well. Since bigger space means more cost, going modern allows savings by utilizing minimalist interiors and avoiding unnecessary ornamentation. The design is focused on which is functional, so it goes away with the arches and elaborate furnishings. The house is simplified in such a way that only the essential stay.


Uplifting Natural Light

Modern houses adores natural light by utilizing large, unembellished windows. Natural sunlight brightens up the room and literally remains as the spotlight of the design. This is another scheme to uplift the design notwithstanding space constraints.



Open and Elegant

Modern house design in the Philippines apply the open concept floor plan. There are no walls that separate common rooms thus emphasizing the beauty of openness. The bright open interiors emphasize the concept of togetherness among the house residents and provide the warmth that traditional house design normally accentuates.


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