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Ideas for home design in the Philippines have multiplied through time and now it can be as many as its more than 7,000 islands!  This article provides four interesting, and timeless home designs that you might want to adapt in your own humble abode. 

Artistic canvas: Patterned hardwoods

Who said floors should be boring?  Patterned hardwoods provide a creative way to spruce things up.  Contrary to classic flooring, hardwood flooring can be presented in two-tone inlays, playful patterns or various tones.  Using this is a perfect way to beautify your foyers or any other significant spot in your home that deserves some accent.

The only challenge in applying this home design is it’s not meant for the fickle-minded.  To ensure efficient use of resources, you have to ascertain the most ideal pattern to use, or if you really are ready to make it permanent.  Alternatively, you may consider using floor carpeting to give you more room to switch designs when you feel like changing (again).

Nature lover’s call: Biophilic design

What better way to make a house more welcoming and refreshing than incorporating nature! Some houses are inspired by Peristyle, a Greek architectural style where the middle of the house has an open area.  Plants also provide an added style in biophilic designs.


Other houses capitalize on huge glass windows allowing natural light to come in freely. Plus, the view is priceless!

The traveler’s road: Maximalism design

Maximalism has existed for centuries, but continues to evolve through time.  This home design is perfect for Philippine houses this 2022 and beyond.  Why?  This trend allows you to showcase creatively and freely all the collections of things you love – bowls bought in Bangkok, tapestry from Turkey or a simple mug collection from all the countries you visited.


Color. Color. Color. Experiment in creating a fresher space by showcasing your memorabilias.  These can be very good conversation pieces, too!

Nature and opulence: Outdoor luxury

For some who love to maintain that opulence feels, but in touch with nature, outdoor luxury is perfect.  Make sure to purchase pieces that can withstand the heat of the sun or excessive moisture.

If there is one commonality among home designs in the Philippines, infusing the personality of the house owner in the design will give that unique look and feel to the finished product.  Adapting a standard home design trend may entail considerable amounts of money as it would require the services of a construction company in the Philippines, not to mention the intricate qualifications in the pieces of furniture to purchase.  Should this be a hindrance? Of course not.  With ample creativity, you can very much convert a space into something you would love to see everyday.