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Recently I have been watching a lot of TV series about house makeovers and been joining social media groups focused on sharing household hacks and the likes – surely, I am not alone, right? As part of the working-age group who now understands the value of household decisions all too well, gathering intel about useful home management is a must. In fact, right now I am particularly interested in small house designs in the Philippines. Wondering what made me decide to opt for a small house plan? Read on.


How Small is a Small House Plan?

First, let us differentiate it from a tiny house. A tiny house occupies around 100 to 500 square feet or smaller while a small house measures around 1000 square feet or less. Tiny houses are usually mobile and built with functions that make them easily transportable to different locations while small houses are the opposite. Small houses are more like conventional houses, only with smaller space. Tiny houses usually have custom-built furniture and sections that serve a dual purpose (ex. couch doubling as a bed or dining table doubling as a working desk) for space maximization. Small houses can also have these features but can also have the more traditional fixtures designed in a way that makes the space appear roomy.

Now, onto the reasons I prefer a small house:

Reason 1: Just the Right Amount of Space

I belong to a small household and two bedrooms are enough for my family. Small houses can have three smaller bedrooms or one bedroom with bigger bathrooms and other areas in the house. The space is just enough for my sanity to remain intact when cleaning and just plenty of room for some privacy. A small house design in the Philippines is suitable for newlywed couples, empty nesters, retirees, and single people starting independence.

Reason 2: Cost-Effective

The smaller the house, the fewer maintenance costs are. Since the space occupied is relatively smaller than the big traditional house, the rooms need less effort and costs to maintain. I am also not cutting the aesthetics too short since there are minimalist designs that can be incorporated to make the house feel larger, open, and not cramped.

Reason 3: Worthy Investment

If in the future there will be a need to sell the house, it is relatively easier to offer to the market compared to a tiny house. A small house design in the Philippines has more acceptance rate considering a tiny house’s custom features based on the original owner’s preferences. A small house offers more versatility to accommodate the new owner’s likings.

There you go! If you have now decided to join team small house, then welcome aboard 😊 There are a lot of small house designs in the Philippines you can base your plans on.